Our Mission

Our mission is to renovate and lease properties to create vibrant communities. We invest in properties downtown with a long-term perspective and work with entrepreneurs, restaurants, artists and professionals to find a space that fits their business needs.

Click and drag the handle to view the before and after photos
Tap and drag the handle to view the before and after photos

Our First Project

Our first project in Columbia, Missouri cultivated our passion for renovating historic properties in downtown areas. The Paramount Building on the corner on Ninth and Cherry had been mostly vacant when it was acquired. A historic preservation project led to this building becoming an attractive location with two new eateries and a dozen office suites.

Our Namesake

We are energized by the revitalization that occurs when buildings are given new life and transformed into beautiful places for people to work, live, eat, play, and create. The alley south of Broadway between Ninth and Tenth streets in Columbia, MO underwent such a transformation in 2007. Our project in what is now known as “Alley A” epitomizes the kind of revitalization that motivates us to continue doing more of what we love to do.

Construction Photos

We would like to thank the Ely Winton Historical Society, the Ely Heritage Preservation Commission, and the Ely Echo for sharing their historic photographs and information with us. We would also like to thank Kovall Construction for all of the great work they have completed on our projects.

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