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With years of experience in historic preservation and redevelopment, Alley A Realty repurposes properties with integrity and a goal of preserving history for the future. Whether you are a new entrepreneur looking for an inspiring locale or an established venture in search of change, joining the downtown community means you’ll be apart of an expanding business district with all of your favorite cultural amenities.

Our vision is a growing creative community full of artists, entrepreneurs, businesses and restaurants that make downtown a place where people want to be.

Small Town Charm, Big Wilderness

A Day in Ely

The End of the Road

With a backyard occupied by a one million acre wilderness area, Ely boasts a quality of life and sense of place unlike any historic small town in America. The lake is always just steps away, beckoning you to hop in your boat and drop a line as you sink into solitude and decompress from reality. Ease back into it by heading downtown for a drink and a meal, where canoe-filled cars line the streets and friends and neighbors are plentiful.

In winter when the air is still, wood-fired stoves send much needed heat waves throughout homes, filling the out-of-doors with scents of burning birch and pine. At the gas station sits a dog musher with his team of K9’s howling in the back of a pick-up truck, while a friend with snowshoes strapped to their backpack writes at the local coffee shop. At the end of the road lies the advent of adventure, something only possible in a town that carries its charms like it carries its canoes – with strength and variety.

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We are a company that works exclusively in the Downtown District. Let us help you to find the ideal retail, restaurant, office or loft apartment to lease downtown!

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Your Business. In the Downtown District.

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