Salerno Building

Salerno Building

Plans for the Salerno Building

By incorporating the adjacent Salerno Building to the east, this independent theater operation can house an additional screening room for smaller audiences, as well as a spacious casual food/concessions component and social area that will welcome customers before, during, and after movie screenings. On the second floor of the two buildings, there will be several up to date office/business incubation spaces for use in events, conferences and meetings.

History of the Salerno

The State Theater was built in 1936 and was owned by the Swanson family in Ely. Its designer was a noted architecture firm known as Liebenberg & Kaplan, who had designed many theaters in Minnesota and other northern states. Our goal with this historic building is to work with the State of Minnesota and the U.S. Department of Interior Guidelines to restore the exterior and interior to its original condition.

Floor Plan

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